Nominations Committee

Sponsor: President

The Nominations Committee shall prepare a slate of nominees for each Board of Directors officer’s position and shall determine the eligibility and willingness of each nominee to stand for election. Candidates for the officer’s positions may also be nominated by petition process established by the Nominating Committee or the BOD. The President shall appoint a Committee Manager to Chair the committee and lead all other committee volunteers. Elections shall be conducted:

  • During the annual meeting of the membership, or
  • By electronic vote in compliance with the legal jurisdiction.


The candidate who receives a majority of votes cast for each office shall be elected. Ballots shall be counted by the Nominating Committee or by tellers designated by the Board.

The committee will be responsible for:

  • Directing planning and communication for all aspects relating to the nomination and election process including nominations, balloting, elections results, and formal lessons learned debrief with Committee Sponsor at the end of each nomination and election cycle.
  • Proactively seek and leverage resources from other established committees to support execution of committee duties and responsibilities.
  • Identify, qualify, and present membership with a slate of nominees for all positions up for election.
  • Escalate issues to Committee Sponsor for support when needed to ensure Committee objectives are met.

The Committee Charter and Descriptions of Volunteer Roles are available at: