Hear from our Chapter's Volunteers!


November 2013

As a new member of the IIBA – GBC, I was hesitant to volunteer for the responsibility of handling the duties at the Chapter’s booth at Project Summit/Business Analyst World this past October. 

Feeling I had limited knowledge of all the benefits for GBC members, a sigh of relief came when plenty of material, a list of talking points and the listed upcoming events.   

 The opportunity was a gate to meet BAs from around the world – Turkey, Nigeria, and South Africa, Canada – as well as fellow countrymen from here in the US.   

The venue was a terrific place to share experiences and aspirations.   

I couldn’t believe I was talking to our “booth’s” visitors about why I joined the IIBA and how it provides numerous opportunities to expand my BA knowledge and advance my career.

Chapter and Board members frequently stopped by to chat and discussed the conference along with expressing gratitude for volunteering.   

In short, although I had felt hesitant, anxious, and uninformed prior to the event, the experience was invigorating, informative and empowering.   

The Conference provided me the chance for personal and professional nurturing and an opportunity to serve our Chapter.   Remember, it just takes one step – contact volunteers@boston.iiba.org.

By:  Ira Hubert