April 2017  

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IIBA - GBC Speaker Series - April 13, 2017

Help Me Help You!

Speaker: Marie Bankuti


Are your projects plagued by problems such as unresponsive business stakeholders, unclear expectations, pointing fingers, missed deadlines? Do project critical business decisions seem to take forever? These common issues can cause high stress and frustration, repeated mistakes, wasted time and rework. Do your stakeholders then wonder why “IT didn’t get it right”? Business stakeholders sometimes see IT work as the “black box”, the unknown. Coupled with their own work demands, there can be a tendency to hang back and think “IT will make it happen”.

Well, there are ways to increase the level of business engagement and ownership on your projects. Learn how to proactively design more successful outcomes, while building credibility and enhancing relationships with your business community. Gain tips on how to educate them about working with IT teams in partnership to create a more positive overall project experience.

  • Improve project success through proactively educating business stakeholders on how to work effectively with IT.
  • Enhance your relationship and credibility with stakeholders for immediate and longer term project success.
  • Learn to minimize stress, miscommunications, missed deadlines, and rework, while clearly setting expectations and accountability.

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BA Skills Day

 IIBA-GBC BA Skills Development Day, May 20, 2017

Writing Agile User Story and Acceptance Test Requirements

Robin Goldsmith, President, Go Pro Management

Participants will learn:

  • Major sources of poor requirements that cause defects, rework, and cost/time overruns.
  • How Agile user stories and their acceptance criteria/tests address these issues.
  • Difficulties that still afflict requirements in Agile projects and why they persist.
  • Writing more effective user stories and acceptance criteria/tests.
  • What else is necessary to produce working software that provides real value.
  • Who Should Attend

    This course has been designed for product owners, analysts, developers, and other Agile (and other) project team members who are or should be involved in defining requirements 

    Attendees will earn 7 Professional Development (PD) hours or Continuing Devlopment Units (CDUs)


$125.00 Skills Development Day Member Ticket
$100.00 Earlybird rate before May 1

$175.00 Skills Development Day Guest Ticket
$150.00 Earlybird rate before May 1

Go here for more info:

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Four IIBA GBC Board Positions are up for Election in 2017

The positions are SecretaryTreasurer, and VP Marketing and Communication. Elected officers serve a two-year term, effective July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2019. To be nominated a person must be an IIBA GBC Member in good standing.

A detailed description of the three board positions can be found in the IIBA Greater Boston Chapter bylaws; Article V; Section 4-Section 8. A download of the bylaws can be found on the IIBA GBC website at GBC Bylaws.

If you are interested in running for any of the above positions please provide a summary of your qualifications together with a brief overview on why you are interested in becoming an IIBA GBC Board member. Information should be submitted to the IIBA GBC Election Committee at

Nominations will be accepted through April 24th, 2017; voting will begin on May 30th and will be conducted online; voting will close onJune 3rd, 2017. IIBA GBC Members in good standing will receive voting site information via email. Appointments will be announced at the June 2017 IIBA GBC event.

Inquiries about these positions or the nomination process should be sent to

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Upcoming Events of Interest to Members

April 5, 2017

Toastmasters Club for Project Managers & Business Analysts

For more information or to join contact: Marie Bankuti, PMP, PCC, CPCC
Tel: 617-947-7852
April 7, 2017

Promoted Event - April 7, 2017

Building a Strategic Business Case

Presented By: Joseph Raynus

10% discount for Chapter Members

Chapter members' in-between jobs can receive 25% discount. Contact to request promo code.

The Business Case is No Longer Optional!

Capable professionals with real, proven expertise in business case building are rare and in high demand and have an advantage over their colleagues in all areas, including project management, product management, strategic planning, and business analysis.  In the current economy, the competition for funds and value-producing projects is constantly increasing making a business case a hard requirement!
This insightful workshop delivers a proven, thought-provoking strategic framework, complemented by the use of Business Case canvas for gathering and presenting relevant information.  You will learn a broad set of techniques to guide the development of an effective Strategic Business Case. The workshop is taught in a collegial, interactive manner that enhances active learning and provides a forum for open exchange of ideas.

You will build a compelling Business Case and a clear visual presentation as you leave the workshop! 

April 19, 2017

Toastmasters Club for Project Managers & Business Analysts

For more information or to join contact: Marie Bankuti, PMP, PCC, CPCC
Tel: 617-947-7852
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