Chapter FAQs

Q) How do IIBA® and the IIBA® Chapters differ?

A) The IIBA® is an international not-for-profit professional association for Business Analysis professionals. The IIBA® vision is to be the leading world-wide professional association that develops and maintains standards for the practice of business analysis and for the certification of practitioners. IIBA® Chapters are organizations chartered by the IIBA® to help accomplish this vision and promote increasing maturity and understanding of the discipline of Business Analysis at the local level. The local chapters support this objective by providing educational, networking, and professional development opportunities for their business analyst communities.

Q) Can I participate in IIBA® Greater Boston Chapter (GBC) activities if I am not a member of the IIBA® or GBC?

A) GBC welcomes Members and Non-Members alike to participate in many chapter activities. In some cases, Members may receive free or substantially discounted benefits over Non-Members, and in other cases there will be some exclusive benefits for Members only. Join us at an upcoming chapter meeting to get a feel for the association, meet some of the people involved, and determine how we can best support your objectives!

Q) What does it cost to attend a Chapter Meeting?

A) Most chapter meetings are free for GBC Members. Non-Members will be charged a nominal fee for advanced registrations, and slightly higher fees for door registrations.  Upcoming event information, including fees, may be found on the chapter website at

Q) What are GBC's Mission and Vision?

A) The mission of the IIBA® Greater Boston Chapter (“GBC”) is to provide ongoing professional development, career enhancement, and certification support to our members and raise awareness in the community of the value and contribution of the business analysis profession.

Our vision is to be the leading professional association for business analysts in the Greater Boston region.