The Treasurer is an officer and is responsible for, but not be limited to:

  1. Accountability for the preparation and accuracy of Chapter financial documents, such as: the books of the Chapter, financial reports, annual budget, and fiscal and financial investment policies of the Chapter.
  2. Control all chapter monies in accordance with directives of the chapter BOD.
  3. Establish/maintain Chapter bank accounts.
  4. Ensure all payables and receivables are properly classified and paid according to the Chapter’s classification policies.
  5. Ensure required tax returns are prepared and filed in accordance to governing law.
  6. Is the Treasurer of Record for the Chapter’s incorporation with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  7. Provide financial guidance to the Chapter BOD including formal quarterly reports.
  8. Collect and provide receipts for Chapter membership dues and individual meeting dues.

General responsibilities for all BOD roles include:

  1. Charter committees and appoint a chairperson as required
  2. Recruit volunteers
  3. Manage and retain volunteers
  4. Develop a succession plan; identify and develop their successor(s)
  5. Communicate appropriate information with Chapter BOD Members
  6. Remain a Chapter member in good standing throughout their term as an officer of the Chapter
  7. Proactively fulfill all responsibilities in accordance with Chapter's Charter