Vice President, Marketing and Communications

The Vice President, Marketing and Communications is an officer and is responsible for providing leadership to the chapter in developing and overseeing the management of a comprehensive marketing strategy for the Chapter, including understanding market segments and needs of members and those impacted by the field of business analysis. Additionally, develops and oversees the management of a comprehensive integrated communications strategy for the Chapter. Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Publish monthly newsletter
  2. Maintain and continuously improve chapter website
  3. Maintain and publish a calendar of events
  4. Recruit sponsors
  5. Promote events
  6. Identify and develop new sponsor products with approval from the BOD
  7. Support the chapter's gross communications needs
  8. Negotiate member perks with partners in collaboration with the VP Professional Development

General responsibilities for all BOD roles include:

  1. Charter committees and appoint a chairperson as required
  2. Recruit volunteers
  3. Manage and retain volunteers
  4. Develop a succession plan; identify and develop their successor(s)
  5. Communicate appropriate information with Chapter BOD Members
  6. Remain a Chapter member in good standing throughout their term as an officer of the Chapter
  7. Proactively fulfill all responsibilities in accordance with Chapter's Charter