Vice President, Membership

The Vice President, Membership is an officer and shall be responsible for the development and maintenance of a Chapter membership plan that assures continued growth through recruiting and partnering with major community employers. This includes setting policy for membership benefits and annual membership dues with approval from the BOD. Other areas of responsibility include all aspects of membership administration such as maintenance and communication of member records (to BOD and to individual members), status with IIBA® and GBC, meeting attendance, and member feedback for individual events and periodically survey for overall satisfaction. Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Recommend policy for membership benefits for approval by the BOD
  2. Recommend policy for annual membership dues for approval by the BOD
  3. Recruit New Members
  4. Process New Member Applications
  5. Communicate Membership Status with Members
  6. Maintain Membership List
  7. Maintain Meeting Attendance Records
  8. Administer Chapter Meeting Surveys
  9. Administer periodic member satisfaction surveys and report improvement opportunities to the BOD

General responsibilities for all BOD roles include:

  1. Charter committees and appoint a chairperson as required
  2. Recruit volunteers
  3. Manage and retain volunteers
  4. Develop a succession plan; identify and develop their successor(s)
  5. Communicate appropriate information with Chapter BOD Members
  6. Remain a Chapter member in good standing throughout their term as an officer of the Chapter
  7. Proactively fulfill all responsibilities in accordance with Chapter's Charter