Nomination and Election Process Overview

Setup Nomination Committee

A Nominating Committee (Committee) is appointed by the BOD each year. The President appoints a Committee Chairperson to Chair the committee and lead all other committee volunteers.  All committee members must be in good standing.  

The Committee disbands after the final lessons-learned working session. This session is held after the elections and after the election announcement in June.


Call for Nominations

The Committee will begin the process of nomination identifications once appointed.  The current board members are contacted to verify their intent for the upcoming elections.

An announcement is placed; on the GBC’s website, in the February and March Newsletters, and announced at the February or March GBC meetings.  Flyers containing the “Call for Nominations” will also be available at both meetings. 

Members can request a Nomination Form directly from the Committee or speak with any of the current BOD officers.


Process Nominee Forms

Nominees can contact the Committee directly or be nominated by a BOD officer. If the individual has been nominated by a BOD officer, the individual will be contacted to verify nominee’s willingness to stand for the election.

All interested individuals will be sent the Nominee form to fill out and send back to the Committee with a current picture. The Committee reviews each Nominee’s information for eligibility and verifies membership status.  Approved Nominees are sent a confirmation letter stating that they are accepted to run for their selected BOD position.

Nominee information and picture are used in meeting flyers, newsletters and the Chapter’s website during the election process. The Nominee information is also included in the voting materials. 

A slate of nominees for each of the open BOD officer’s position is created and presented to the current BOD.  No current member of the Nominating Committee can be included in the slate of nominees prepared by the Committee.


Elect Board Members

Elections are conducted through an electronic voting tool approved by the BOD.  All GBC Members in good standing receive voting information via email. The email address used to send out voting information is taken from the official IIBA® email listed with the member’s membership information.  Members can place only one vote per open position and cannot vote after voting is closed. If a member is having problems with the electronic voting tool they can contact the Committee for a faxed paper ballot.  The paper ballot must be submitted back to the Committee by the official close of voting.

Members received on-going information with critical voting information such as when voting begins and ends.

The candidate who receives a majority of votes cast for each office is elected. Ballots are counted by the Nominating Committee.

The current BOD is notified of voting results by the Committee AVP.  The new board members are notified after the Board by the Committee AVP.  Communication of election results are within fifteen (15) business days after the voting process is completion.


Announcement of New Board Members

An announcement is made to GBC membership at the end of year, June GBC event.  An email is sent out to all GBC members within seven (7) business days after the June GBC event announcement.